Celebritywash E - Shampoo Bowls


Thanks to a sliding and tilting system the bowl can be adjusted for the maximum comfort of the client as well as for the worker. The main structure is in zinc-plated metal while the wooden structure of the chair is luxuriously padded with polyurethane resin upholstered with vinyl.

Shampoo Bowls
9000 Series
Anton Kobrinetz
79cm W x 125-171cm L x 94cm H
(31.1''W x 49.2-67.3''L x 37''H)

White Ceramic


Vinyl cat.A

Black N001

Gun Beige

Gun Grigio

Gun Metal

Gun Moro

Gun Mud

Gun Nero

Gun Ottanio

Gun Rosso

Ivory Quilt

Moka Quilt

White Blanc


Yuta Brun

Yuta Grey

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