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Salon Planner

Welcome to the launch pad for the Flash Interactive version of the Salon Planner.

Once you've launched the Planner if it's your first time using it we suggest checking out the Help Guide to familiarize yourself with the interface. With the introduction of the first Salon Planner created just for the beauty salon we unveil the future of beauty salon furnishing shopping. Powered by Macromedia's Flash 5 technology, the Salon Planner helps salon owners, stylists and architects -- via a downright enjoyable interactive application -- design and visualize how furniture will look in the salons they own or they work for before making a purchase.

The Salon Planner adds exciting visual interactivity to by allowing for advanced graphical capabilities and exceptionally fast interaction with extremely small file sizes, even with low bandwidth connections, an especially important attribute when appealing to users who may be shopping via a dial-up Internet account.

Salon Planner allows visitors to re-create rooms in their salons online to scale. By simply clicking and dragging the pieces around the room, visitors can conceptualize how their salon will look with the new furniture items. appeals to every salon owner or renter's desire to create their ultimate dream beauty salon. Our success as we continue to lead this industry is a result of both understanding our customers and creating the innovative tools they need to successfully design a new look and recreate it in their salons. Our growing success at delivering the absolutely best online experience in the industry is clearly setting a precedent in the salon furnishings and equipment market.

We are always working to improve content on the site and this is no exception, we are currently working on making your floor plan creations saveable and allowing you to import all items available on the site so you can see just how they would fit into your salon. Enjoy!

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