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Need to remodel?

Salon remodeling involves considerable organizational effort as well as significant financial investment. Here are some considerations that should help you to evaluate if it is worth the investment of remodeling.


There are several reasons why a periodic redesign or restyling of a beauty salon should be undertaken:


If you want your salon to have a positive impact on your clientele it is necessary for it to communicate the proper image, given that several treatments are offered to improve your clients' physical as well as psychological sense of well-being. In particular, the remodeling helps to:

  1. Improve Customer Satisfaction: Clients tend to reaffirm their loyalty if the salon is receptive to new trends.
  2. Attract New Customers: People are generally more interested in novelties and new trends, thus they have an impulse to enter remodeled salons. If the salon does not have a contemporary image, it is very likely that it tends to progressively lose its customer base, with clients leaving in favor of newer state-of-the-art salons. Consequently, it is inevitable that old-fashioned salons will not generally attract new customers.

Psychological Spur

Remodeling acts as a big motivational spur on the people inside your salon:

  1. The Clients: They receive immediate psychological benefits upon entering a salon which communicates professionalism and attention to trends. On the contrary, old fashioned salons convey the idea that their cutting techniques are obsolete as well.
  2. The Stylists: They tend to gain motivation working in a dynamic and fresh environment. Therefore, outmoded locales prevent the salon from attracting more qualified and expert stylists.

Turnover Increase

Remodeling determines a direct economical advantage to the beauty salon:

  1. On average salon turnover increases 20 % during the year after the remodeling;
  2. If old equipment is completely depreciated it's possible to gain further fiscal advantage due to the possibility to have more deductions by purchasing equipment rather than incurring higher costs in the case of leasing. If you do not remodel your salon it is very likely that a stagnation of the turnover as well as its progressive decrease, will prevent the possibility of taking advantage of fiscal charge reductions.


Every salon should be periodically remodeled. However it is not possible a priori to determine whether it is necessary to renovate your salon because the timing for remodeling depends on several factors:


Major trend movements are linked to the fashion market as a whole, and therefore change approximately every 4 to 5 years. For this reason the remodeling of the salon should follow the same pattern.


Apart from market trends, an evident sign of the necessity to remodel is the decreasing ability to attract new customers or, worse, the loss of habitual customers.

Clientele Targets

A very important element affecting the necessity to remodel is represented by the type of clientele the beauty salon is targeting. For example:

  1. for upscale beauty salons in major metropolitan fashion areas it is advisable to pursue a faster remodeling schedule with frequent restyling efforts to follow even microtrends, given the deeper client attention toward prevailing fashion trends.
  2. for "mass salons", such as those that are part of chains in commercial malls or outlets, it is very important to follow the major trends.
  3. for smaller hair shops typical of medium-sized cities and suburbs, attention to trends is clearly less important because direct competition among salons is less important and customers are more interested in forging a personal relationship with the stylist.

In general, we suggest a restyling at least every 2 to 4 years with a complete remodeling every 3 to 6 years, according to different clientele targets. Finally, we remind you that remodeling the salon affords the opportunity to update the overall technological equipment and processes within the salon which affords a better cost optimization in terms of increased labor productivity, with gains in terms of image and increased turnover.


In order to achieve the best results from a remodeling or restyling it is highly recommended that one asks for the professional assistance of a specialist. In fact, the specificity as well as the technical complexity of this business operation necessarily leads to consult a designer who clearly understands the salons' problems and the best techniques for attaining effective resolution of them. For this reason, we are able to offer the experience of a team of designers who have several years of specific, practical knowledge in salon designing and remodeling, and who will be glad to propose a customized plan able to best satisfy your needs.

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