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  • 1921

    A small carpenter laboratory begins the manufacturing of artistic wood pieces in Castiglione delle Stiviere in the hilly region of lake of Garda, northern of Italy.

  • 1968-69

    The laboratory starts to manufacture, assemble and install hairdresser's furniture around the local area.

  • 1972

    The laboratory expands and moves to the present location. A new facility is build.

  • 1978

    Gamma Arredamenti name is introduced and the company begins to market its products in the wide domestic market. The national retailer network begins to expand to cover all the national regions.

  • 1984

    In order to meet increased production, a new storehouse is build behind the production plant.

  • 1990-91

    Gamma Arredamenti is gradually launched in several European markets, initially in the Benelux region, in Germany and France.

  • 1993-94

    The international retailer network for the Gamma Arredamenti brand is expanded in the Far East and South Pacific areas as well as in the United States. Giugiaro Design joins the Gamma Arredamenti internal design team to develop new cutting edge design products.

  • 1995

    The launch of MG Bross brand effectively strenghthens the position of the company in the upper-class segment of the market. On-going investments ensure that machines and equipment continue to be among the most advanced in the industry.

  • 1996

    New offices and show rooms are completed in front of the main production facility. The Gamma Arredamenti brand is introduced in the Middle and Near East.

  • 1997

    European distribution networks are restructured and completed: the launch of Gamma Arredamenti brand in Western Europe and UK closes the last major gap in the European retailer network.

  • 1999

    The co-operation with the Giugiaro Design team is further strengthened to realize the new Giugiaro Collection. The company is planning to further expand and renovate the Castiglione delle Stiviere manufacturing and storehouse facilities. Increased production capacity will allow to meet growing worldwide demand and to further enhance quality.

  • 2001

    Born from the cooperation between our internal R&D department and Porsche Design GmbH design team, after one year of intense prototyping work the new F.A. PORSCHE line under the MGBross brand has been launched.

  • 2002

    The new facilities and warehouse are completed, reaching more than 5,000 square meters. The new showroom with an area of almost 1,000 square meters is also opened to customers. The distribution network is strengthened in Canada, Romania, Serbia and other European Eastern countries.

  • 2003

    The new showroom in Paris is opened to further develop the growing French market. The company launches the Ready2Go line, a selection of products ready for delivery in 48 hours.

  • 2004

    Always leading the market, the company launches the new Bio Inspired Design concept with two new lines: Biologic by MGBross and 9000 Series by Gamma. With the Bellflower hair processor the company enters for the first time the professional hair equipment market. The distribution network is strengthened in Portugal.

  • 2005

    A new brand is launched: GammaStore, a complete catalog of modern design furniture with extremely affordable prices, thanks to the ongoing research in new production methods and process optimization.

  • Today

    GAMMA & BROSS SPA is one of the most successful salon furniture and equipment's makers and has grown to become the market leader of the beauty design industry in the upper medium-price segment, with the mission to furnish the best salons in the world. The brands are represented around the globe in more than forty different countries through exclusive distributors, retailers and agents.


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