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Innovation and design

Continuous product innovation is at the heart of our philosophy and finds its conceptual origin into design creation.

This vision assures that a product cannot be placed in the market unless it has a high degree of design content.

Design is the yardstick at which strategic and operative choices are made, nonetheless taking into high consideration the function of the furniture piece.

Design is never considered an end in itself, because it has to be complementary to what the piece of design is for.

This aspect leads us to the second fundament of our philosophy.

Client satisfaction

We are proud to define ourselves a market oriented company. Client satisfaction is the factor that has allowed us to be successful and grow constantly over the years.

We are fully aware that client satisfaction is not limited to the manufacturing of models appreciated by the market, but it means the full realization of the needs along all the value chain, from the service offered to our closest partners, our distributors and agents, to the satisfaction of the salon owners and their clientele.

Being market oriented does not only mean to follow fashion trends, but also being constantly receptive to what the client requires when he or she goes in the salon, mainly in terms of microenvironment where he or she tries to satisfy basic psychological needs still more than material needs. That's why we strive to be always active to recognize tastes and desires expressed by the market, trying to anticipate the change.

Attention to change

Because we are a company acting in the wider fashion and design arena, we give particular attention to new trends.

Anyway, we do not follow trends rigidly, rather we try to act proactively in order to identify what the market is looking for by reinterpreting the tastes to propose a unique product that stands out of the crowd.

We strive to establish a unique style which is aimed to clearly identify us into the market, and which is often more or less manifestly imitated.

Our specific targeted collections allow us to offer different product lines with very particular features which have been properly studied for a defined segment of the market with its own peculiar motivations, desires and aspirations.

Salon concept

The current trend prevailing in the market is the "well-being salon", an oasis of relax where the client can find a wide range of treatments for the care of body and mind.

Here, what identifies our approach from that of the competitors following a similar salon concept is the deep comprehension of the importance of the spiritual dimension of well-being, in that we believe that the psychological component of well-being is far more relevant than the physical component. Lots of people are talking about well-being and multifunctional beauty salon, but no one has really fully cared for the psychological aspects.

More and more the environment becomes a fundamental variable in influencing the perception of physical sensations and it appears clear that even the most advanced treatments cannot guarantee appreciable results unless the client is mentally prepared.

Whenever a client enters a well-being salon, he or she has to find himself or herself immediately immersed into an atmosphere of distension and perceive a feeling of tranquillity and peace suitable to better receive attention and care. Here comes the importance of soft and linear shapes, of non-aggressive colors, of meditational sounds, of natural materials, of vegetable scents, of spaces, all harmoniously conceived to create a wadded environment where matter truly can merge with spirit.

Minimal zen

The Minimal Zen Beauty Salon perfectly embodies the well-being salon concept: The environment communicates peace, relax, desire to meditate and contemplate.

The wise mix of natural materials, the monochromatic use of color, the simplicity of style and shapes, give birth to a peaceful oasis conceived to create a rarefied, almost monastic atmosphere, a corner of Zen philosophy. The perception of emptiness is in reality the essence of fullness, because in a world where confusion, frenzy, agitation for futile and transitory things reign, essentiality becomes the sign of profoundness and research of spirituality.

This concept does not mean anyway that it is necessary to forget about western technological comforts; on the contrary, these are suitable to improve the well-being perception, especially through the selection of specific treatments for healthcare and the beauty of body.

In the Zen Beauty Salon the Oriental style melts with the Occidental modern touch, however accurately hidden in order to keep intact that atmosphere of high severity and refinement suitable to preserve its stylistic identity.

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