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22 dicembre 2020

The Lady Jane Collection by Marcel Wanders

The Lady Jane Collection by Marcel Wanders

“Poetic and functional, the Jane Collection adheres to specific technical requirements, includes durable materials and ergonomically responds both to the comfort of the customer and the hair stylist, who works all day. With this collection, we have created versatile pieces that complement each other and provide an harmonic environment, independently of the salon they will live in.” says Creative Director Gabriele Chiave. The Marcel Wanders’ Jane Collection for Gamma & Bross brings spa-like luxury to professional hair salons. As a manufacturer of high-quality salon equipment and beauty furniture, each year Gamma & Bross looks to develop a different collection of spa furniture. This partnership has resulted in a luxurious furniture collection for professional hair salons that seek to create the most tranquil spa-like environment. Highlighting the design of these pieces are the collection’s poetic curves, precise silhouettes, rich details and versatile accessories that can transform any space into an elegant and welcoming interior. Made to function while uplifting the human spirit, the collection is a fresh breeze in the field of professional equipment, demonstrating a beautiful tango between purpose and aesthetics. “We created this collection to enable any salon to be transformed into a destination. The design of the pieces reflects the human body at rest, allowing guests to discover beauty while being made beautiful themselves,” said Marcel Wanders. The collection includes an island station, a styling salon chair, shampoo unit with basin, rolling trolleys, a variety of mirrors and a reception desk. The furniture upholstery presents a stitched floral relief that endorses a visual and physical feeling of depth to the guest. All frames and metal pulls are coated in either gold, chrome or matt black colours. “We purposefully designed the pieces in this collection to be versatile and complimentary. To ensure that our concept resonated, regardless of any salon’s interior space, we created pieces that move, mix and match each other while sharing a sophisticated design language,” said Gabriele Chiave Creative Director. While this collection impacts beautifully as a whole, each piece also stands alone as an individual throne of beauty.

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