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Warranty and claims

GAMMA & BROSS products are guaranteed to be free of defects in material and craftsmanship to the original owner.

All products carry 1 full year warranty on defective goods from the time of receipt. Three years warranty on Gamma & MGBross hydraulic pumps and one year on GammaStore hydraulic pumps.

This Warranty excludes damage caused by improper set-up accident, abuse, use for other than intended purpose, neglect or normal wear and tear. All warranties are invalidated by non-factory modifications and unauthorized repairs, which will immediately terminate all liability by GAMMA & BROSS SpA and GAMMA & BROSS USA INC.  for the product or damages caused by its use. The customer shall be responsible for proper set-up and use of the products as well as any supervision required for safety. In no event shall GAMMA & BROSS SpA and GAMMA & BROSS USA INC. be liable for any special, indirect, consequential, incidental, exemplary or punitive damages or costs. All warranties are limited to factory provided replacement parts, factory repair or replacement at the discretion of GAMMA & BROSS SpA.

This Warranty is valid only for products purchased from GAMMA & BROSS SpA or GAMMA & BROSS USA INC..

Important Product Information

Due to your PC settings, actual colors may slightly differ from samples pictures shown.

The colors of woods may suffer slightly changes when exposed to light, therefore it is difficult to have the same color shade overtime. Both woods and varnishings could not be guaranteed identical overtime, as they may differ according to different supplies.

Some product parts, like armrests or other structural elements, are manufactured in solid wood while general furniture is finished in veneer. Therefore, even if the material and the color are the same, it will be impossible to have identical color shades and visual effect.

Some of our bases, armrests and structural elements are made with moulds. Possible surface imperfections, due to the porosity of the material, are normal and have not to be complained.

The height of the chairs is always indicative, since it depends on the selected base and thickness of the seat. If you need a specific height for the seats feel free to ask us and if possible we'll try to accomodate your request.

Dimensions of products are indicative and taken from manufacturer literature. Refer to dimensions in centimeters for real dimensions. Slight differences from dimensions shown may occur and have not to be complained.

Mirrors: Icon link decors mirrors may present some minor imperfections due to the manufacturing process and have to be considered within the acceptable quality standard of the product.

Vinyls: we use only high quality fabrics and vinyls for our products. We have tested our vinyls with several commonly staining substances to ensure that vinyls used have the best performance in terms of durability, flexibility, cleanability. Even though our vinyls are designed to be easy to wash, chemical products like hair coloring or styling sprays may corrode the material and stain the vinyl permanently. We strongly recommend to clean immediately the stains with an all purpose water based detergent. We also recommend to order plastic covers especially when chairs have to be used in color areas, or select darker colors that hide stains better. Our warranty does not cover vinyls or fabrics stains.

Bowls: our bowls are made of a higher grade ceramic and although ceramic is a porous material, our bowls are coated with a natural glaze sealant that is 100% impenetrable. Due to this application our bowls don't stain. Our ceramic is a grade 4 strength rating and is very strong, scratch resistant, fire resistant and is very easy to clean. We are confident enough about it to extend our warranty if you have any problems with staining.

Please note: The manufacturers reserve the right to improve or change the products without notice, so there may be slight differences from pictures and information shown.

Product Certifications

Some Countries, States or Cities have regulations or codes requiring special product features or specific certifications. Some of our products do carry certifications so please contact us in case of need. It is customer responsability to be informed of any certification required and ask for product certifications before purchasing. The company will not be responsible for products not meeting local codes or any special requirements needed and will not apply any special compensation if the products purchased will not meet local codes. General rules for order cancellations and returns will apply. Please make sure the product you want to order will pass inspections and meet local codes before you proceed with your purchase.

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