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Placing Orders

To send orders we suggest to use our easy and safe Online Shopping catalog. When ordering be sure to include your shipping address, billing address and daytime phone number.

After your order has been sent to us, we reserve the right to accept the order in whole or part or not at all. If we accept the order you will receive three separate emails:

  • Order Confirmation email - this email will be sent to you within 3 business days of submitting your order. It is a confirmation that your order has been received in our order processing system and that your payment has cleared.
  • Shipping email – this email is sent the same day your order is picked up and shipped for delivery.
  • Invoice email - this email is sent after the goods ship and has your final invoice attached.

We can also accept orders by email: , by fax: 212 239 6917 for U.S. and Canada orders, or +39.0376.636683 for international orders, or phone 212 239 6916 for U.S. and canada, or +39.0376.632630 for international orders.

Canceling ot Changing your Order

You may cancel or change any item from your order by sending us an email at orders@beautydesign.comprovided that it has not yet entered the manufacturing process, starting 3 days from the time you placed your order. After this time you can still contact us to check if it is possible to cancel or change your order but we cannot guarantee it will be possible.

Please check your order confirmation very carefully. The order will be processed and manufactured according to your order confirmation, which is considered to be final and accepted if after 3 days from receipt you don't inform us about any error or change you may want to ask. The company will not be responsible for any discrepancy between quotations or other documentation and your final order confirmation, which is the official document send to production.

You may cancel or change any item that has already entered the manufacturing process (but not the shipping process), a 50% restocking fee will be applied. All the items that require a color specification by the customer are subject to a 70% restocking fee. Orders for special custom products cannot be cancelled or changed and no refunds will be accredited for any reason.

Cancellation is not allowed after the items have been shipped. If the item you want to cancel or change has already entered the shipping process you may be able to return the item. Please refer to our Return Policy.

Ordering Rights

GAMMA & BROSS SpA or GAMMA & BROSS USA INC. reserves the right to cancel, in whole or in part, to suspend or delay any orders due to the unusually large size of the order, shortages of or failure of suppliers to deliver, work stoppages or any other event in nature of force majeure beyond our control. Under no circumstances shall GAMMA & BROSS SpA or GAMMA & BROSS USA INC. have any liability whatsoever for loss of use or for any direct, indirect or consequential damages resulting from delay regardless or the reason(s). By placing an order, the customer agrees that the time of delivery of the products is not of the essence, and waives any and all claims arising from any delay in delivery, including without limitation, any claims for direct, incidental, consequential or other damages.

GAMMA & BROSS SpA or GAMMA & BROSS USA INC. will not be responsible for products not meeting local regulations or codes and will not apply any special compensation if the products purchased will not meet local requirements. General rules for order cancellations and returns will apply.

All rights in pattern, design, trade names, trademarks and copyrights of GAMMA & BROSS SpA, GAMMA & BROSS USA INC. including, Gamma State of the Art, MGBross, GammaStore, SpaLogic, used on or in connection with the products are proprietary and shall remain the exclusive property of GAMMA & BROSS SpA or GAMMA & BROSS USA INC., and the customer shall have no right or interest therein or with respect thereto. The customer shall not reproduce or simulate, or cause or allow anyone to reproduce or simulate either directly or indirectly any such patter, design, trade name, trademark or copyright. Any information or material is proprietary and is submitted in confidence and with the condition that it will not be copied or otherwise reproduced and will not be used or disclosed to anyone outside the customer's company.

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